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Liquid Patch Brand
Liquid Patch Installation

Liquid Patch is a fibre based puncture sealant, which immediately and permanently protects both the tube and tubeless tyres against punctures in the tread area up to 6mm (1/4ā€) in diameter.
The repair occurs while you are driving and is permanent. Liquid Patch is also environmentally friendly, non flammable and non hazardous.

How does it work?
Liquid patch repairs punctures from the inside out. When a tyre is punctured escaping air forces the sealant to the puncture site and repairs the leak creating a Liquid Patch. Some of the liquid will go through the hole to the outside of the tyre. When Liquid Patch is exposed to air, it dries and causes a permanent seal.

Does Liquid Patch affect the rubber or rim in anyway?
Liquid Patch is chemically inert, so it will not harm your tyre or rim. Liquid Patch will not break down or dry up inside the tyre, so it will not affect the wheel balance in any way. In fact it protects the tyre from excessive heat. which shortens the tyre life.

Will Liquid Patch settle at the bottom of the tyre when the car is not moving?
No. Liquid Patch creates a film sealant, which covers the entire interior of the tyre and remains there at all times. Liquid Patch will remain in a liquified state fro the life of the tyre.

Will Liquid Patch seal a sidewall puncture?
Unfortunately there is too much movement in the sidewall of the tyre and this prevents the leak being sealed correctly.

Are there any other benefits?
Apart from the obvious benefits Liquid Patch provides, driving with under inflated tyres means they wear faster and unevenly. This affects the handling and performance of a car and increase fuel consumption. Under inflated tyres can cause accidents because they generate excessive heat, which can lead to tyre failure.

What are the applications for Liquid Patch?
Cars, 4WDā€™s, Trucks, Trailers, Push Bikes, Motorbikes, Caravans, Wheelchairs, Ride on Mowers. Golf Carts, Farm Equipment and Plant Machinery.

Liquid Patch 250ml

Liquid Path 250ml

Part Number: LP250

Carton Quantity: 24

Liquid Patch 500ml

Liquid Path 500ml

Part Number: LP500

Carton Quantity: 24

Liquid Patch 1000ml

Liquid Path 1L

Part Number: LP1

Carton Quantity: 6

Liquid Patch 10L

Liquid Path 10L

Part Number: LP10

Carton Quantity: 1

Liquid Patch20L

Liquid Path 20L

Part Number: LP20

Carton Quantity: 1